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Sometimes I wonder why I am still alive.
Life is too live not to survive.
Surviving every day hoping that another won’t arrive!
Funny people are afraid of death and hope to revive.

I hope that one night I go to bed,
And next day I won’t wake up!
To the fun part if I’m dead,
All my mistakes are finally stocked up.

Ha not making you sad amigo,
Just think what’s the point of living like this ?
Living but not living yet living was living a while ago.
Yeah Existed till a while ago – sigh!
But forgot to notice yet they miss…
How people care all of a sudden when someone die.

Good thing we all get to sleep.
Sleep is a temporary relief,
These days find it hard to sleep by thoughts so deep
Then the thought of sleeping as long as time…
Even If heaven is a belief.
Beauty of the inevitable is just sublime.

Now that I’m asleep.
Imagine if my hope becomes the fate ahead –
My eyes still closed even as the phone alarm beep.
Now all will appreciate my existence since I’m dead.

_abhin thulasidas

Published by abhinthulasidas


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