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Conflicts happen more often in the brain
Like when you see a beautiful girl
And your head goes insane.
And later when you realize you aren’t single !
But yet ready to mingle

If only man was perfect
As a rock or a stone or a pearl.
So desire can’t be a defect –
And virtue of any merit
As the former is what you inherit…

Let’s get back to the physical realm,
Back to the beautiful girl
If she’s committed….what mayhem
Superstition says dat all pretty ones are taken,
Ain’t gonna believe anything falsely baken.

But the one you love
She’s the most beautiful girl!
Lucky are the ones blinded by love
Even more beautiful is her who gave you life
And there goes the strife

Lot of things can satisfy your eyes
But not all can satisfy your soul
Beauty to my eyes maybe horrors to your eyes
We are often deceived by beauty
As it’s our eyes beloved deity.

Beauty just a disguise
Hiding the ugly soul
Heart has to pay the price –
If conjured by its magic
such pain is rather tragic.

And moreover boyfriends are such a buzzkill !
Adios beautiful girl !
Been a real thrill.
What’s worse than a thought?
What’s funnier than a thought?


Published by abhinthulasidas


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